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Children’s Playroom


Ball pool, cassia seed sandpit, XBOX area, block area, reading area, shooting machine


  1. Child under the age of 6 must be accompanied by at least one parent or a guardian.
  2. Please do not bring any food or beverage.
  3. Please do not bring out any item.
  4. Please use the facilities wisely, if there is anything damaged, you will pay the full price.
  5. Please keeping your voices down.
  6. Please take turns to use all facilities and return it after use.
  7. Opening hour:09:00~21:00
  8. Please wear socks all the time
  9. Please contact 08-8771777#8585 for the DIY course

Following the policy announced by CECC and Pingtung County Government, there are some adjustment as following.

  1. Maximum of 20 people.
  2. Please wear musk and perform hand disinfection.
  3. Please keep a safe social distance
  4. Children play area will be closed for 10 minutes every hour for maintenance.
  5. If any guest feels unwell, please contact our staff for the assistance.
  6. During the epidemic prevention period, the DIY handmade course will be suspended but the DIY material package could be purchased.


The above contents are subject to change without prior notice. Please refer to the on-site announcement.