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Lilong Mountain is the only mountain higher than 1,000 meters above sea level in the Hengchun Peninsula. When the weather is good, the view is fabulous. You get to see the most beautiful sight in southern Taiwan. With mountain clusters and the Pacific Ocean in the east, the Taiwan Strait blending into the sky in the west, Mudan Reservior and Kenting National Park in the south and the Central Mountain Range in the north, this is a great lookout point in Pengtung.

* Advanced application for mountain permits is required. 

Two-day itineraries including Shuangliu National Forest Recreation Area, Hengchun or Kenting National Forest Recreation Area are recommended. 

22.138558, 120.702619
Zhukeng Manfeng Cage Farming Aquaculture

Manfeng Cage Farming Aquaculture in the southwest seas of Taiwan has the Black Current passing through and contains diverse marine…

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22.14021, 120.783122
Mudan Reservoir

Mudan Reservoir is upstream of the Sichong River in Mudan Township, Taitung County, managed by the Water Resources Agency, MOEA.…

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21.959209, 120.812063
Kenting National Park

Of Taiwan’s 7 national parks, Kenting National Park is the first to cover the land and the sea with a…

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21.965702, 120.719121
Guanshan Sunset

Guanshan is also called Gaoshanyan, located in the southwest plateau of Hengchun. It is essentially an elevated coral plateau, measuring…

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22.007209, 120.756575
Hengchun Chuhuo

Chuhuo is outside the east gate of Hengchun. Its underground natural gas leaks to the surface and catches fire, hence…

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22.29728, 120.700412
Kayoufeng Waterfall (Neishi Waterfall)

Kayoufeng is pronounced as Zhualidiu in the Payuan language and means “Cliff.” Standing at 100 meters above sea level, it…

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22.216812, 120.796909
Shuangliu National Forest Recreation Area

On a land area of 1,569 hectares, Shuangliu National Forest Recreation Area features the Shuangliu Waterfall, sunshine lawn, visitor center,…

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22.071281, 120.711561
Fuan Temple

Founded over 300 years ago, the Fuan Temple is the religious center in Hengchun and also the largest temple in…

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Sichongxi Hot Spring

Sichongxi is renowned for its hot springs. During the time of the Japanese rule, it was listed as Taiwan’s four…

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National Museum of Marine Biology and Aquarium

Located near the sea at the foothills of Guishan northwest of Kenting National Park, the National Museum of Marine Biology…

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