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A dream that started from an ocean cape

Hua Yu Lien Group specializes and thrives in urban land consolidation and has diversified to architecture and recreation, venturing out passionately from southern Taiwan in our new innovative businesses. Hoping to embed each piece of our consolidated land with picturesque narratives and visions, Hua Yu Lien intends to start with a city and expand all over Taiwan to create a fabulous Formosa.

Upholding the Group ethos, “professionalism, perfection, sustainable management, giving back to society”, our transformation to a recreation & tourism business begins with H Resort, aiming for exquisite service, exclusive experiences and enduring memories for each hotel guest.

We understand and we care.

We hope to leverage Pingtung’s rich natural resources in our long-standing cultivation in Pingtung, while promoting all ranges of special agricultural produce. Special local natural ingredients will be sourced for our gourmet food, fine dining and premium gift packs.

A visit to H Resort is an instant experience of Pingtung.